TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan 2023

 TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan is widely searched by people and in this article, all settings, tips, and tricks of foryou will be discussed. Many of you are searching on the internet that what is the trick to go viral on TikTok. In this article, you will be taught about all the settings that you have to do and then at the end, some of the tips and tricks are sure to you so your videos go on foryou page of TikTok.First of all I will talk about the TikTok foryou setting for Pakistan and after that, TikTok foryou trick in Pakistan will be discussed.

TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan 2022 | TikTok ForYou Setting | pkblog.pk

TikTok Basic ForYou Setting

There are some basic foryou settings that you have to do in which you have to set your profile. The following steps should be followed:
  1. Set your profile photo
  2. Fill in your bio description
  3. Select your category
  4. Attach your Instagram and YouTube

TikTok ForYou Setting in Pakistan

Now open your TikTok account and follow as described here:

1. Go to Manage Account:

  • Here you will find 2 things the phone number and email
  • Add your email which is necessary
  • Add your phone number so your account will be secure

2. Go to Privacy

Guys it is the main section where you should have to be careful while setting it up. Now follow as it described.
  • Your account should not be private
  • Now Go to Suggest your account to others and on all the options
  • Now go to Sync contacts and Facebook friends tab and also connect your contacts and Facebook ID
  • After this, You can on or off download the video option as if required
  • Private your following list
  • Let all the features should be on like duet, stitch and repost.

3. Go to Security and Login

  • Chek security alerts if any then resolve it
  • Go to manage devices and make sure that your account should be login into the current device
  • In 2 step verification set up your mobile phone so you will be secure
This is it. All the foryou setting is done. Now let's talk about the ForYou Trick in Pakistan and by following these tricks and tips it is 100% that your video will go to foryou page on TikTok.
TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan 2022 | TikTok ForYou Setting | pkblog.pk

TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan

Getting views and going on for you page on TikTok is all about the watch time of your video as more your video is watched, the chances to go viral will also be increased suppose you have uploaded a video on TikTok which is about 8 seconds and if 50% people watch your video more than 50% then your video will go to for you page that is why it is important to create a short video as short as possible now follow the tips and tricks of foryou page of TikTok:
  1. Set the video length from 7 to 8 seconds long
  2. Follow the trend and create a video
  3. Upload the video on trending sound
  4. Daily video upload at a specific time like 1:30PM in my case
  5. Use trending hashtags
  6. Viral hashtags for TikTok video are #viral #video #grow #account #foryou #foryoupage #fyp
These are some basic but very important points to be followed if anybody wants to go viral on TikTok.

Conclusion: TikTok ForYou Trick in Pakistan | Foryou settings

Guys, there is no shortcut to being famous on TikTok and that's why you should be known about a thing that Content is always king so focus on your content and you will be famous very soon.

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