How to use? Image Creator from Microsoft Bing 2023

 Image creator from Microsoft Bing is free, no waiting, everyone'd with an account can easily use it and it's also very user friendly.

Here's in the article you will know why this is better and how \you can use it to create amazing arts.

How to use? Image Creator from Microsoft Bing 2023

Why to use Image Creator from Microsoft Bing?

Image creation with the help of AI is very important as today's world people are trying to create arts by using Ai which is so useful as well as in lesser time you will get more of it. Just to write what in your mind an AI will create that for you which is quite impressive.
Now here it comes the Bing image creator which is more powerful and much effective which is very easy to use/ Most important thing that this tool is free to use and very very handy experience.

How to Use Microsoft Bing Image Creator?

Using this tool is very easy as you have to open the website the link is given below just click on the link and you will be directed to the website after that you will be shown with the prompt on which you have to type what's in your mind.

Enter the description you want to create after that results will be shown and just download whatever you like. Here are the perfectly steps that are explained:
  1. Open the Website of Bing Image Creator
  2. Write description in the prompt section
  3. Explain well so AI understand well to create the images
  4. Click on create button and wait few seconds
  5. Multiple results will be shown, Now download the required one and you are good to go!
So these are some simple steps to follow if you wanna create an amazing content and AI arts related anything's you want but just follow the rules set by the Microsoft Bing Image Creator.

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